Micro Extruder
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                                                          Micro Extruder for welding PE, PP, PVC, ECTFE and PVDF Ø 4 mm                                                                           

The Dohle Micro welding extruder is an excellent machine for welding PE, PP, PVC, ECTFE and PVDF Ø 4 mm. Dohle Extrusionstechnik GmbH has over 30 years of experience in making and working with welding extruders for plastics. The Micro guarantees  German quality for welding thermoplastic plastics according to the DVS standards. We supply the extruders with two nozzles of your choice. Due to a lower limit temperature setting in the melting chamber, the extruder is protected against welding with too low a temperature.

The Dohle Micro welding extruder welds approximately 15 - 70 cm per minute. Suitable for welding HD-PE plates together according to the DVS 2212 standards.

  • This welding extruder welds nicer and much faster than the hot air welding hair dryer. It is easy to make a high quality weld!
  • This welding extruder is much lighter than any welding extruder.
  • The extruder is equipped with a digital temperature controller for heating the extrudate. With all extruders, the patented temperature control of the extrudate is equal to the set temperature through a temperature sensor mounted in the melting chamber. Due to a lower limit temperature setting, the extruder is protected against too cold welding.


- Controller E-box with 2 micro controllers for the temperature and air supply.
- Hose
package 7 meters - Welding head of 2.3 kg, 410 x 75 x 100 mm, welding wire diameter 4 mm

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