About Us

   BAK Thermoplastic Welding Technology AG is a leading manufacturer of plastic welding machines, Hot air equipment, industrial air heaters and blowers and industrial extruder. We present the best solutions for plastic fabrication, pipe construction, roofing, civil engineering, tunneling, process heat, tarpaulins, flooring and much more.
  We, BAK Asia Co., Ltd, covering the entire Asian and Oceanic market, are responsible for answering to all technical, sales and marketing questions for all our customers in the fastest and most professional way.

Our products:
- Hot air tools (Hand Held)
- Wedge welding machines
- Hand Extruders
- Industrial Extruders
- Industrial heaters and blowers
- Hot air blowers
- Heating and folding tables
- Test equipment

Through our experience of many years and the continuous development within market, we make sure to only offer the best quality and service to you. We guarantee ideal customer service with the trustful partnership in over 50 countries all over the world