Plastic Welding Machines

Plastic Fabrication




Hot air welding tool    
Weldon ,the smallest hand welding tool with flexible hose and digital read out for set and actual temperature. This is one of the most precise and reliable tool from us. The high performance hand gun to weld all types of thermoplastic materials. 
  • digital read out of set and actual temperature  
  • stepless adjustment of electronically controlled temperature  
  • fatigue-proof welding thanks to ergonomic handle and rotating air hose   
  • cooled heater tube  
  • nozzle position 360 ํ adjustable  
  • large accessories range   
Heat is used to melt two or more work pieces together with welding rod to create tubing, piping, or sheeting components like metal welding for example:
  • Storage container for chemicals    
  • Scouring water container for flue gas    
  • Waste water treatment    
  • Ventilators    
  • Tank construction    
  • Pipeline construction     

High quality,high productivity. The tool that professional choose.


PP Sheet Welding Fabrication

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