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Spark tester kit
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Test Equipment  

The whole kit will be supplied in a robust plastic carrying case
  • fast and save leak prove for welding seams and tanks    
  • contactless spark production    
  • maintenance free    
  • integrated stabilization board    
  • independent work by fluctuating voltage    
  • Markings: CE    

The Unique spark tester PST100 to quickly test welds for watertightness. Thicknesses between 3mm and 30mm can be tested with this spark tester.

With the help of the high-frequency tester PST100, you can quickly and safely determine whether welds; receptacles, lacquer layers and / or the processed layers are closed. Thanks to the contactless spark generation, the device is maintenance-free, constant and ready for frequent use. The built-in stabilizing circuit allows the device to operate independently of fluctuations in the mains voltage.


  • Welded plastic joints 
  • Tank lining 
  • Vulcanised rubber lining 
  • Pipeline & value assemblies 
  • Plastic fabrication 
  • Geomembrane patching repair  

Technical data high frequency spark tester PST100

Technical data:  
Voltage:   V 230  
Frequency:   Hz 40-60  
Power consumption:   W 30  
Outlet voltage:  kV 5 - 55  
Outlet fequenzy:  kHz 100  
Weight:   kg 1,0

Delivery with flexible probe (test pin) of 150mm long in a case.
The Buckleys spark tester is provided with a CE mark!


A “GAP TESTER” is available from Buckleys to adjust the spark. It is never actually sold, because the users adjust the spark tester themselves as follows:

The output voltage of the PST100 can be roughly set by dividing the test voltage by 1700, the answer is in mm. For example 20,000 Volt / 1700 = 11.76 mm. The test probe should be kept at the calculated distance from a piece of grounded metal and the output voltage will be increased until the spark pops the gap.

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