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RiOn Digital
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Hot air welding tool                                                                               

We made welding easy for you! The hot air welding gun for precise temperatures with a digital read out of set and actual temperature. 

  • high quality   
  • easy welding with ergonomic handle    
  • optimal performance / best price  
  • high speed welding enables high productivity  
  • stepless adjustment of temperature  
  • heater tube for push fit or screw on nozzles  
  • large accessories range   

Heat is used to melt two or more work pieces together with welding rod to create tubing, piping, or sheeting components like metal welding for example:

  • Storage container for chemicals   
  • Scouring water container for flue gas   
  • Waste water treatment   
  • Ventilators   
  • Tank construction   
  • Pipeline construction  
  • Car Bumper Repair   

High quality,high productivity. The tool that professional choose.

Easy welding with ergonomic handle and wide range of accessories.

Left: RiOn Digital / Right: RiOn Standard

Recommended Kits:

Repair Damaged Plastic Pallets 

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