Process Heat

Process Heat

High Pressure Blower
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High Pressure Blower Type HD 140   

    • Low noise level 
    • Maintenance-free 
    • Compact design 
    • Completely oil-free 

Our blowers are widely used in the following applications:

1. Aerification
2. Waste water treatment and sewage treatment process
3. Pneumatic conveying system
4. Packaging machinery
5. Garment and textile machinery
6. Leather cutting machinery
7. Printing machinery
8. Industial cleaning machinery
9. Plastic machinery
10. Wood working machinery
11. Paper production machiney
12. Pharmaceutical and medical machinery 
13. Pool and spa
14. Chemical and fluid stirer
15. Food and beverage industry
16. Air knife
17. Metal and foundry

The operating temperature of the high pressure blower may not exceed 60 °C  andThe operating temperature of the medium pressure blower may not exceed 80 °C
Special versions of the blower can have a temperature stability of up to a maximun of 180 °C  (medium pressure blower) On request, the blower are also available for the use of frequency converters for speed control. Here , the motors are provided with a reinforced coil insulation. The technical data remains uncharged.

In the standard version the blowers are provided with stainless steel filter on the intake side , which can be reused after it has been cleaned with the compressed air. When a fine filter is used , the stainless steel filter can be removed.


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