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Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 100 - 240
Power W 250
Frequency Hz 50/60
Test speed mm/min 10-100
Test way mm 280
Max. force N 2000
Size L x W x H mm 660 x 435 x 170
Weight kg 20
PDF Datasheet PDF

Tensiometer for tensile and shear test of membranes with CompactFlash memorycard for recording test datas and integrated printer. The tool is mounted in a handy aluminium case.

TestOn mini
Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 90 - 264
Power W 135
Frequency Hz 50/60
Test speed mm/min 10-100 mm/min
Test way mm 500
Measurement L x W x H mm 1120 x 80 x 186
Weight kg 10

Handy, field tested, precise

The Tensiometer to test the welding seams. High precise test result on construction side.

- for shear and tensile tests with digital display
- test speed adjustable from 10mm/min up to 100mm/min
- tensile force: 2000N (limited electronically)
- pulling distance: 500mm between the sample holders
- clamping jaw width is 30mm (replaceable)
Tensiometer Handy
Technical Data
The Handy tensile shear tester for precise and easy tests on construction sides.