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 Hot wedge welders

Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 230
Power consumption W 1700
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °C max. 460
Welding pressure N max. 1400
Drive m/min. 0.8 - 5.0
Size L x W x H mm 460 x 300 x 330
Weight Kg 14
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Durable, efficient, maintenance free

Simple, reliable operation combined with the maintenance free servo motor and field tested electronic. The ComOn is designed for the most demanding jobsites in Landfill, Ponds-, Civil Engineering- and Tunnel constructions.
Thermoplastic welding for the Geosynthetics Industry.

- wedge welding machine for HDPE Membranes
- welding HD-PE, LD-PE, PVC and TPO lining materials
- welding plastic membranes thickness from 0.75 - 3.0mm
Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 120, 230
Power consumption W 800
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °C max. 500
Welding pressure N max. 1100
Drive m/min. 0.8 - 3.5
Size L x W x H mm 210 x 210 x 210
Weight Kg 5.6
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Compact, lightweight, high speed

The smallest and lightest compact wedge welder in the world. Ceramic wedge for welding all different material types without changing the wedge. Designed specially for Tunnel and Civil Engineering jobs.

- wedge welding machine for HDPE, LDPE, EVA, TPO & PVC Membrane and Liners
- welding HDPE and LDPE membranes from 0.5 to 1.5mm thickness
- welding PVC membranes thickness from 1.0 to 3.0mm
Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 230
Power consumption W 20200
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °C max. 600
Drive m/min. 0.8 - 3.5
Size L x W x H mm 360 x 320 x 300
Weight Kg 9
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Robust, user-friendly, compact

The small and light automatic welding machine to weld all different kind of material. For civil engineering and tunnel construction.

- small, light andt very robust
- for thin material and overhead welding
- simple to operate
- stepless adjustment of all welding parameter and air flow
- material welding range: PE-LD, PE-HD, PVC-P, PP, ECB, EVA, TPO
Technical Data
Voltage V ~ 230
Power W 1050, 1420, 1790 depend on wedge width
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °C 20-425
Seam width mm 30, 40 oder 50
Speed m/min. 0.5 - 42
Size L x W x H mm 540 x 330 x 280
Weight Kg 23
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Fast, efficient, quiet

With new wedge design higher welding speed. Noise and smoke free.